JT's Music is the premiere destination for instrument maintenance and repair  in the Central California.  JT's does all string instrument repair in-house by Luthier/ string instrument repairman , Dan " The Man" Atkins.  Dan has become the most sought out and recommend luthier by the areas professional musicians.   We are a convient stop for the Clovis and foothill communities.  We also repair amps.  Call for details.


Bench Fee and/or inspection Fee to be paid before inspection (nonrefundable) $35.00 


Labor Rate: $75.00  per hour*

Parts and Strings are extra*


Guitar & Bass


Set up & Intonation


6 String Electric $75.00

6 String Acoustic $85.00

7 & 8 String Electric $85.00-$95.00

12 String Acoustic  $125.00

4 String Electric Bass $75.00

5 & 6 String Electric Bass $95.00-$105.00


Pick-up Installs


1 to 3 Pick-Ups Electric Guitar $75.00

1 Pick-Up Acoustic $75.00 and up

1 to 2 Pick-Up Bass $75.00 and up


Input Jack Replacement


Mono Electric $35.00

Stereo/Barrel Jacks $40.00

Acoustic End Pin Jacks $50.00


Tuner Machines


Electric $45.00 and up

Bass $50.00 and up

Acoustic $45.00 and up

12 String $50.00 and up


Standard Pots


Replacement $35.00 each

Push/Pull $40.00 each


(Discount for multiple units)



Blade and Toggle Switches 


3 & 5 way blade and toggle switches $35.00 each

Mini Toggles $35.00


Nut Replacemant


Labor only


6 String Electric $75.00

6 String Acoustic $85.00

12 String Acoustic $125.00

4 String Bass $75.00

5 & 6 String Bass $85.00-$95.00


Saddle Replacement


Acoustic $85.00

Classical $65.00

6 String Electric $75.00

7 & 8 String Electric $85.00

 4 String Bass  $75.00

6 + String Bass $85.00


Re-Fret ( No Stainless Frets)

(Includes Customer Fret Wire Preferrence.  Guitars up to 24 Frets)


 6 String Electric Unbound: $250.00 Bound: $295.00 and up

6 String Acoustic Unbouand: $250.00 Bound: $295.00 and up

4 String Bass Unbound: $250.00 Bound: $295.00 and up

Re-Radius Neck Before Re-Fret Unbound: $60.00 Bound: $90.00

Fret Level & Recrown $175.00 and up


- All rates are subject to change at anytime.


- All rates are base prices, and can go up or down depending on scope of repairs being done.


- Neck, Headstock, and Body Crack Repairs: Quote given  after inspection.


 Inspection: $35.00 (NONREFUNDABLE)


Bench Fee $35.00 minimum will be included  in the cost of repairs when work order is signed and quote is issued for the repairs.


Other repairs available, just ask!


Repairs `A La Carte

Clovis Guitar Repair
Clovis Guitar Repair
Clovis Guitar Repair
Clovis Guitar Repair
Dan Atkins Guitar Repair
Dan Atkins Guitar Repair
Dan Atkins Guitar Repair
Dan Atkins Guitar Repair
Dan Atkins Guitar Repair
Clovis Guitar Repair
Dan Atkins Guitar Repair

Dan " The Man" Atkins

JT's Music, your guitar health provider.


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